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The Severn XXV

The Chesterfield Severn is the sister to the Chesterfield Windsor, instead of 4 medallions the Severn sports the classic 3 medallion Bokhara design.

Like the Windsor, the royal blue, gold, terracotta and jade make the Severn XXV a singular choice for those that wish to really adorn their vehicle with a truly special rug.

For the blue on blue or blue on black vehicle, it’s the perfect CarpetRides rug.

$189.00 a Pair

CarpetRides Authentic Oriental Car Rugs

30+ years making your car look fabulous

CarpetRides is the source for authentic Oriental car rugs

Beautiful Blues

CarpetRides is the source for authentic Oriental car rugs

Beautiful, durable & affordable Oriental car rugs

The Source For Authentic Oriental Car Rugs

Your home on wheels deserves the very best

CarpetRides Authentic Oriental Car Rugs

CarpetRides Authentic handcrafted Oriental Car Rugs

Colors and designs to fit any car interior

You never get a second chance to make a first impression

Look like you're going places

The Chesterfield Deco

Another in the remarkable line of Chesterfield Oriental Car Rugs, its design range in near endless!

The Deco sports the beautiful coral and jade tones from your favorite reef, or your favorite stroll down South Beach.

$189.00 a Pair