Top 12 FAQ 

While Oriental rugs in the home, car, and workplace is not a new idea, we're guessing you might have some questions, so we'd like to offer some answers to the questions we get asked the most. Don't see your question here? Please send us an email or even better, please call us.

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1) Are CarpetRides handmade rugs?

Yes, they are handmade and vegetable dyed. Our rugs are either 100% wool, or 80/20 Wool / Silk blends. 

2) Are your rugs custom fit to my specific car?

No, to date, we cannot handmake a weave to fit individual vehicles for a price anyone could reasonably afford, but we are trying. Our rugs sizes are designed to fit most every car. Our rugs run 18"x24" in size. We've yet to have a return for fit.

3) Do you make rugs for the back seat or trunk of my car or my SUV?

a) Yes, we weave a limited quantity of matching back seat rugs, so you would have 4 matching rugs, two for the front and two for the back.

b) Trunk rugs can be made by special order.

4) All rugs are sold in pairs for the driver and passenger seats right?

Yes, all rugs and prices are for either a pair of rugs, or a set of four rugs for front / back seats if selected. We do not sell single rugs.

5) If I give them as a gift , can they exchange them for a different pair?

Yes, as long as they are unused and returned within 30 days of purchase. We recommend that you give us a call and we can assist in finding a new pair. Any questions, call us.

6)  Do CarpetRides Rugs / Mats have tassels and fringe on them?

Yes they do. Length of tassel varies by design. Rug images will show the tassels.

7) I spill a lot of coffee in my car, how can I keep my CarpetRides clean?

Stop spilling your coffee! With regular attention and a good spot remover, you can keep them clean.

Like most of our customers, we spend a lot of time in the car here in the Washington DC area, there's a lot of traffic and the need for a lot of coffee. Getting a few spills on your CarpetRides should not alarm you, and here's why:

  • CarpetRides are 100% wool and tend to repel most spills naturally, like the sheep who donated the wool.
  • CarpetRides wool has not been stripped of the natural oils that make it repel water and liquid.

That's not to say we want you pouring coffee all over your beautiful rugs, but if you do, or you get them wet or muddy from spring or winter weather, or too much time in the barn, here's what to do:

  • If your rugs become wet or dirty from use, please first remove them from the car and shake them out thoroughly to remove excess water or liquid, and dirt / sand etc.

  • Let your CarpetRides rugs air dry ( hang them up) in a warm dry spot, but not on or near a heat source.

  • Once they are dry, shake them out again and vacuum thoroughly and place back in your car. Be sure that your car floor below your rug is dry too.

Click this link for more information: Folex Stain Remover

8) Can I put my rugs on top of plastic floor mats in my car?

No. No. No. CarpetRides are meant only to be placed directly on the carpet in your car and not on top of any, plastic or vinyl floor mat. Ever.

9) Do you ship outside the USA?

Yes, International shipping rates and options are available at checkout.

10) Can I get more pictures of the rugs I am interested in?

We send pictures out all the time. We generally supply a link to our file sharing platform so you don't need to download images.

11) Are CarpetRides sold in pairs or as separate single rugs?

All rugs are sold as a pair ( meaning you get 2x rugs) and our prices are for pairs of rugs. The price you see is for a pair of rugs.

(Except in the case of a front and rear set, then that would be 4x rugs - 2x front + 2x rear).

12) What size are Carpet Rides?

CarpetRides rugs are typically 18" W x 24" L X 1" D. Due to the handmade nature of our rugs, they may vary slightly as each rug is its own handmade creation.


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