My family stumbled on “mini” car sized Oriental rugs during a trip to Turkey in 1980. They were so captivated by these small, colorful beauties they shipped some home to New England to share with family and friends. During that first dark winter our stylish Mom decided to brighten up her car with some hand-knotted Turkish “minis”. We were pleasantly surprised how these 100% wool rugs held up. Of course wool has a naturally protective coat which is beautiful, durable and resilient.

Our friends and family were also immediately captivated by these "CarpetRides" and wanted to give them as birthday and Christmas gifts. Soon after, CarpetRides was off and running. 
Over the years, we sought out artisan weavers who could curate and create our own car sized CarpetRides. We have been working with some of our weavers now for 17 years. They are members of  family run generational artisan businesses in India, Pakistan and Turkey.
Each CarpetRides rug is a small wonderful hand-knotted work of art. The wool and silk yarns are hand dyed (boiled) using vegetable based dyes to achieve our dazzling color spectrum. There is so much amazing detail and skill that goes into making each CarpetRides rug, and we hope you love CarpetRides as much as we do.
Rug Love
We love talking to our customers about CarpetRides. Our founder Steve often answers the phone himself and enjoys all his conversations with you.
Our rugs are handcrafted and imported from the Far East. We ship them directly to our family business outside of DC in McLean, VA.
Questions?? Give us a call at 1-800-648-6679. We love talking to our customers.
Prefer to Write? Send us an email to customersupport@carpetrides. 

CarpetRides Authentic Oriental Car Rugs & Car Mats - 100% Handcrafted & Imported.