Summer 22 - The CarpetRides Experience

The Summer of 22' marks for most of us a reemergence into what heretofore we thought was some state of "normal".......

That may be true to a greater or lesser degree to most of us or some of us, but certainly not to all of us.

What is generally true is that many of us are back to hitting the road, and reconnecting with family and friends, and new scenery and experiences.

As it relates to your car, your home on wheels, that's where CarpetRides fits into this picture. Our job is to make all those short trips, or epic road trips, or just trips around town, a bit more enjoyable knowing you have some beautiful works of art along with you called CarpetRides Real Oriental Car Rugs.   

No matter what reason you had to make us part of your driving experience, we know that we will make it better, and generate a bit of envy from your friends. 

Now we know in some jurisdictions in the USA, barefoot driving is frowned upon or downright prohibited by the local authorities. If that's the case, please observe those laws faithfully as a driver. 

But you can encourage / allow  your passenger(s) to experience our wool or wool / silk rugs is full barefoot / beach mode. They'll like it so much we should patent the experience!

Where ever your home on wheels takes you this summer, enjoy and share your CarpetRides experience. Thank you for being a CarpetRides customer and please, drive carefully.

CarpetRides Customer Support.


July 27, 2022 — Steven Lichtenfels

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