The Weymouth XIII

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"Stately", that's the Weymouth and the Weymouth xvii. It says style, elegance, confidence in one beautiful set of CarpetRides rugs. Looking to enhance your image, or just your cars image?

 Well here is the way to do it. The red base in the Weymouth stands out and is enhanced by the bold red, aqua, coral, silver tones and gold, camel and tan colors in the Weymouth's borders in wool and silk.

  Go beyond your borders today and take home the Weymouth xvii, its stately appearance will say you have arrived and are going places!

You'll not find better car floor mats than ours at CarpetRides. Because we are THE source for real Oriental Car Mats / Car Rugs. 

CarpetRides Real Oriental Car Rugs & Car Mats - 100% Handmade & Imported